Netball World Cup Draw Format Working Group

The Board of Directors has established a Working Group to review the format of the Netball World Cup Draw.

Terms of Reference

The responsibilities of the Working Group are to:

  • consider the NWC2015 final report to determine if it met its objectives as it relates to the draw format.
  • review the documents relating to the NWC2015 draw consultation with Members carried out in 2012-2013.
  • determine the principles and objectives for the NWC draw and agree these with the INF Board.
  • consider options for the NWC draw and make recommendations to the INF Board on the preferred format for 2019 and beyond.
  • explore draw options from other appropriate sports codes.
  • consult with INF Members and Regions as appropriate.
  • consider the implications on regional qualifying tournaments.
  • consider the impact of the preferred draw on INF World Rankings.
  • consider the international competition structure for the lower ranked and developing countries.
  • any other matters pertaining to the successful delivery of the NWC that impacts or are impacted by the draw format.

For full terms of reference for the Board Committees, Working Groups and Panels click here.

The members of the working group
  • Octavia Gibson (INF Board Director and Chair of the NWC DFWG)
  • Janet Young (Netball Scotland)
  • Jo Adams (Netball World Cup 2019 OC)
  • Marne Fechner (Netball World Cup 2015 CEO)
  • Clare Briegal (INF CEO)

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