INF Medical Committee

The Board of Directors has established a Medical Committee.

The INF Medical Commission – an expert medical panel – is the authority for all medical, health and anti-doping matters for the sport of netball.


Promotion and protection of the health of players, as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation, by enhanced knowledge and skills for maximal performance of the sport of netball at all levels

Terms of Reference

The INF Medical Committee role is:

Advising and guiding the INF Board and Members on medical issues specific to netball to ensure timely and informed decision-making.

Determining and recommending policies, rules and regulations and developing related norms and standards for INF.

Taking responsibility for the implementation of all technical aspects of the World Anti-Doping Code and the International Standards, including the work of the INF Therapeutics Use Exemption Committee.

Ensuring the adoption and implementation of relevant national and international standards applicable to the sport of netball by INF and its affiliates, including at the Netball World Cup and other international events sanctioned by INF.

Providing representation for INF at selected national and international forums on medical, health and anti-doping issues, as requested.

Providing management strategies for International and Public Health measures, specific to each region.

Conducting and supporting research to provide INF with advice on future trends, opportunities and direction.

Establishing and maintaining linkages with other Medical and Anti-Doping Organisations, Commissions and Committees.

The priority areas are:

Adoption and implementation of the WADA Code, International Standards, INF Anti-Doping Policy and all related rules, regulations and guidelines.

Development of policies, norms and standards for medical and health areas of sports relevant to netball.

Information provision and education of INF and affiliates on medical, health and anti-doping issues relevant to netball, to encompass alternative modalities, including sports medicine, biomechanics, physiology applied to sports, nutrition and all sciences linked to sports.

Generating research specifically relating to medicine and science in netball.

For full terms of reference for the Board Committees, Working Groups and Panels click here.

The members of the commission:
  • Dr Shuaib Manjra (Chair of the Medical Commission)
  • Dr Grace Bryant
  • Dr Marion Bullock DuCasse
  • INF CEO (In attendance)

The INF is seeking applications for Members of the Medical Committee by 30th November 2018.  For details see INF Career Opportunities

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