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Netball World Officiating News
International Umpiring Manager (IUM)
June 2017

Welcome to Netball World Officiating News – a quarterly newsletter dedicated to the world of netball officiating.  Read on for a quick round up off what has happened in International Officiating in the 2nd quarter of 2017.

The Umpire and Umpires Appointment Panel (UAP) for the Netball World Youth Cup (NWYC) 2017 will be heading to Botswana in July 2017:



Two new International Talent Identified Umpires (ITID) have been announced:

Gareth Fowler has been awarded his International Umpires’ Award (IUA). Gareth was already an International Talent Identified Umpire (ITID) so many congratulations to him for progressing to gain his IUA.

Members of the OAGs due to commence in 2017 have been informed with kick off meetings due to be scheduled in Q3 and Q4 2017. These will be completed in line with the OAG Terms of Reference: www.netball.org/inside-inf/committees-and-panels/officiating-advisory-group

INF OAG2017-7; Commonwealth Games 2018 Umpire and Umpires Appointment Panel (UAP) Selection has been completed with nominations submitted to the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee (GOLDEOC). A public announcement of those appointed is anticipated in Q4 2017. www.netball.org/events-and-results/commonwealth-games

INF NetWorld has been released for use:

If you have any questions, concerns or good news to share please do get in touch.


Christina Davidson

INF International Umpiring Manager





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